Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I dream of a world where everyone would just stop being scared by the others. Where people would really love and appreciate each others differences. Where french and English would only be langages, not some political thing to fight over! If I had only one message to pass on to others it would be to stop fighting, and stop being scared. Look around you! There's so many nice thing going on! And there would be so much more if everyone would apply this simple rule! I love being a "quebecois" but it doesn't mean I have to hate everyone who speaks English does it? Well I don't think so ! Please, just give people a chance, really, try to think for yourselves for once and take a new look at people surrounding you, they all have something to teach you! Okay, enough ranting for one day, talk to you all later!

Friday, June 27, 2008

J'ai vu un sourire

Sorry guys, this one came to me in french and it was trying so hard to get out of my brain that I had to put it down in french, (I'll translate if requested). I was in such a hurry to write it down that I did it in the movie theater while watching Hulk, and finished it in my car after using my cell phone! So there it is, simple little french poem inspired by a quick an amazing smile I saw tonight.

J'ai vu ce sourire,
Si simple si beau
Ce dernier m'a salué
et je lui ai répondu
J'aurais tant voulu lui en dire plus. J'y retourne dès demain!

J'ai vu des yeux
et ceux-ci ont vu les miens.
Durant ce bref instant,
Tout s'est arrêté.
Dans ces yeux j'ai vu la magie. Et j'ai souri.
Et sans comprendre pourquoi ni ce qui venait de se produire, je suis reparti.

Ce simple instant m'a bouleversé. Pourtant aux yeux de tous, rien d'étrange ne s'est produit. Deux étrangers se sont fixé et puis sourit. Mais tout-à-coup je me suis souvenu de la lumière et tout était parfait.

Je remercie la vie pour ce petit moment de bonheur.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


I don't pretend I know the secret to be happy alone, but sometimes people ask me if I have a girlfriend or childrens and a lot of people seems to think that living alone is a terrible thing. So I tell them I'm happy like that to reassure them... Or is it to reassure me? So I took some time to think this through... I can't pretend that if a had the choice, I'd be alone, but between this and what I see in most (I said most, not all) couples, I prefer my situation. You see, I am a strange person, but I can't go and talk to my friends about how dumb I think my girlfriend his, and then come back home and tell her I love her. Most of you will think that is obvious, but listen to your coworkers talk about their "loved ones" and you'll know what i'm talking about.

When I say I want to wait for the good one I really meen it. Even if she never comes, I am prepared to wait, and anyway, I enjoy my life really! It's not perfect, it's pretty boring some days, but at least it gives me time to think, and thinking is the thing I enjoy the most! If I die one day, I hope it is from brain explosion because I would have been thinking too much!

thinking too much has its downsides though, I'm not an easy person to live with... But I'm assuming it now and I know myself better having spent so many time with me! And now more then ever before, I can say I know what I want to do with my life, and even how I'm going to do it, so whoever feels fit to jump in and live this life with me that's great. But I won't let anyone slow me down like I did so many times before. I know that may sound selfish, but that's what I want to do...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

About blogging!

First I want to say that I haven't forgot you my dear readers, my life's been busy lately but don't worry I have so much to talk about and it will come soon. I don't know why you read me, what I write here is really personnal feelings that I tought no one would care or want to read. but I do know one thing, I love writing and getting all your feedbacks.

Those who know me in real life know that I don't talk much, and even less about how I feel. So blogging for me is really as important as it is hard to do. Most of the time I start writing then I delete it all. But I'm working on it and I really wanted to thank you all for being there, in this important moment of my life (you'll know why it's an important moment in an upcoming post).

That's all for now, but expect more really soon!! I really love you all!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Something.... about friendship and inspiration...

Inspiration is not something easy to catch, I think my friend Van's got it though (click the link and watch the video now)... but this will probably be only the start for that post... This blog was only started for one post really... and I hope it's gonna be this one ;) but don't worry there will be more.

All my life I believed I was but a single person, alone in a universe of strange people that in no way tought or acted like me. But I was so wrong.... Once you start doing, watching, listening or creating things you really enjoy in life, that's when you start noticing there is others like you. Once I started watching some things I really love on the internet, I began to meet some amazing people... People who tought just like me on many things, people whom I could really feel connected to... Of course I met some of them before in my life and most of them I feel sorry because I lost them... I'm only always asking myself too many questions and that must be why I've lost most of them. Now I find myself in a strange position in life, there's just so many people I love, yet I feel my time as come to stop thinking and start acting, so I'm affraid I don't have time to go back and thank all of you I've met and loved in the past.. and all of you I owe so much to. You've all tought me some important things, I know it, I just can't tell really what it is.

Now that I know I'm not alone, I can go ahead and I think I can bring people some hope before all is over.... But don't worry I feel the end is gonna be an amazing moment for all of us, nothing to do with biblical (is that even a word????) end of days really... I hope the end will only be the end of an era of terrible selfishness and evil people. The end as I see it will be the beginning of the era of love, and I sure hope to be a part of this revolution.. I don't know If I'll really be part of it, but I sure feel my luck is changing!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Project (first of many)

Ok so there it is. This post is more like me talking to myself than anything else so I don't really know where it's gonna end. I knew for a long time now that I want to do something that would help the world be a better place to live. I also know that I want to travel the world and meet people.

Making the world a better place.... What would the perfect world look like?? Though I don't have a complete answer for that yet, I'm quite certain a perfect world would be without war, hatred, racism or prejudice... I won't teach you much by telling you all of those are born from fear, and fear is born from ignorance... So I think my goal here will be to teach people about each other so they learn to love themselves... But that's nothing new. I'll have to add something to it...

So for now, my project will be something featuring me travelling around the world, showing people who the rest of the world is. I want people to see all that's good in every person's heart like I try to do (I'm not perfect I still hate some people, but I'm working on that)...

So I guess there's nothing really new here don't even care to read this post folks... that was just me thinking :P sorry bout that!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Travel out of myself

Those of you who knows me in real life might know how shy I really am. This toronto trip I just had was for me more like a test, and it was a successful one really.

Ok, I will explain it for those who doesn't know, this weekend I've been to Toronto to see a show called cute with chris live in toronto, if you want to know what cute with chris is, just type in on youtube and watch any single one of these videos. I was also there to meet people with whom I'm talking most everyday on a message board. The whole thing was just a blast, great people, the funniest show I've ever been to, Toronto's a great city, and I love speaking english though people don't always understand what I say!!

But the greatest part about it, is that I really went there to see how I would really like getting away from home and all that feels safe. So there I was, in the middle of a city I don't know nothing about, speaking english which I never do, with people I never really met, without my car to wander around, and that was sincerely the best days of my life... I got to meet great people and I even got more self confident a little in the end. So now I know that what I'm really working for is travelling, meet all those new people, see the world instead of just the inside of my appartment... and I'm really looking forward to this.

The funny part is when I look back and try to remember this day, it all feels like it was a movie, and somebody else was playing my part in it.... But he was doing a way better job at being me than I am most of the time, maybe I should try to get in touch with that guy... He definitely seems like a great guy!

This is almost all of you guys I really had a great time (though I look stupid on this picture) Thanks for helping me without knowing it... I had a great time!